BESPREN sa Edukasyon

What is BESPREN sa Edukasyon?

BESPREN sa Edukasyon is one of the flagship programs of the Hon. City Mayor Joseph Salvador Tan that provides full scholarship and financial assistance to qualified beneficiaries. Its main objective is to help every Santiagueño especially the poor and the marginalized who desires to continue educational and training programs in both academic and technical vocational tracks. The BESPREN, as their partner, shall provide full scholarship grants and assistance that shall serve as a channel in the realization of their dreams.

BESPREN SA EDUKASYON has three components: The ISU-Santiago City Scholarship Program, Santiago City Educational Assistance Program and the Santiago City Technical-Vocational Scholarship Program.

The ISU-Santiago City Scholarship Program is intended for the Santiago City resident scholars enrolled at Isabela State University(ISU) - Santiago City Extension. This type of scholarship covers the payment of the student's tuition and laboratory fees(for Information Technology courses) and full scholarship to those enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture(BSA).

For those who would like to avail of the Santiago City Educational Assistance, the applicant shall pass the qualifying exam held by the City Government every year. Qualified beneficiaries to this component are entitled to receive this Financial Assistance from the Treasury Office every end of the semester.

However, the Santiago City Technical-Vocational Scholarship Program is offered to any qualified Santiagueño who wish to take up technical and vocational courses. The City Government shall shoulder the payment for the training, laboratory and assessment fees to qualified Tech-Voc Scholars.
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