BESPREN sa Batas

What is BESPREN sa Batas?

The right due process and equal protection of the laws are well-entrenched fundamental rights of every Filipino, regardless of their wealth, creed and station in life. Indeed, the Bill of Rights of the 1987 Philippine Constitution unconditionally guarantees that: "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied of equal protection of the law." However, this constitutional provision would prove futile if persons are prevented from going to courts on account of their indigence or lack of financial means.

For this reason, the City Government of Santiago enacted Ordinance No. 4thCC-35 providing for the creation of the Santiago City Legal Aid Office (SCLAO). This office functions by affording opportunities to the members of the less privileged sectors of Santiago City full access to the courts and other quasi-judicial bodies through an adequate and capable representation by way of free, efficient, and competent legal assistance during their time of need.

And now, more than ever, the new administration under the leadership of Mayor Joseph S. Tan, launches the BESPREN sa BATAS program - a program which aims to further strengthen the capability of the Santiago City Legal Aid Office, by providing it with sufficient working funds and adequate manpower in order for said office to be more responsive to the multifarious and ever-growing legal needs of the indigent and oppressed constituents of the city. Said program likewise envisions the conduct of a variety of activities calculated to build public awareness regarding the law, in order to educate the people regarding their rights and obligations. Consequently, this would promote and foster the continuing faith and trust of the people in the proper administration of distributive justice, which in turn would immensely contribute to the attainment of the economic, political and social stability of our beloved City of Santiago.

Here in Santiago, we believe that those who have less in life should have as much access to the law's protection as those who have more. The BESPREN sa BATAS program is our humble take in making this cherished dictum into reality.

For your legal concerns, feel free to visit the Santiago City Legal Aid Office at the 2nd floor, Santiago City Hall, San Andres, City of Santiago or call Mobile No. 09051779512 for more information.
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