Why invest in Santiago City?

The Regional Center for Trade and Commerce

Santiago City has always been the Regional Center for Trade and Commerce. In fact, it was dubbed as the “Premier Investment Hub of the North”.

Each year more business establishments are investing in our city. From a simple rural town, this City went through drastic changes over the years. In just a short span of time, Santiago City blossomed into the Queen City that it is today, a highly urbanized First-Class Independent Component City.

Now, the City of Santiago is One of the fastest growing local economies as cited in the National Competitive Index.

From Rank 43 in 2017, Santiago City went up to Rank 30 in 2020

Major Economic Activity

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Santiago City is an award – winning city as a result of a good and transparent local governance

Melting pot of different cultures, open to change, and welcoming to brand new ideas

First Class Independent Component City (ICC) in the Region

Strategically located at the heart and crossroads of Northeastern Luzon

Surrounded by 4 Provinces

  • Isabela
  • Nueva Vizcaya
  • Quirino
  • Ifugao

Cradled by mountain ranges which act as natural shield from devastating typhoons and Located away from major fault lines ideal for vertical expansion and development

Generally safe and secure

Rising tourism hub of Northeastern Luzon