Divided into four batches of college students, the Higher Education Support Program Financial Assistance program of the Local Government was distributed under the leadership of City Mayor Atty. Alyssa Sheena P. Tan through the Local Literacy Coordinating Council for the first semester of the year 2022-2023 where 1,200 students are the beneficiaries.

The said distribution was held at the Bulwagan ng San Andres on the 22nd to the 23rd of November where Barangay Captain Perla E. Alcid gave an opening message followed by Local Youth Development Officer I Abdulmoin H. Panglima Jr. where he discussed the importance of being part of Youth Organization Registration Programs to participate in National Youth Commission projects.

In the program of the first and second batch, SISTECH College of Santiago City, Inc. Principal Meynard Rafael Sibayan gave a message of inspiration and Schools Division Office – Santiago City Administrative Officer V Leonida F. Culang were in the third and last batch where they both encouraged the students to continue working hard for their upcoming graduation and endeavor.

KAISAKA: KAbalikat ang Iisang Santiago sa KAunlaran ng Edukasyon at Literasiya became the theme of the program where it was further extended because of the beneficiaries of the program who are not only academically incline but also those who excel in leadership, sports, speaking, writing, debating, singing and making music. Also included are those who are good in dancing, acting, arts, ambassadors and ambassadors of goodwill and those who are engage in information and communications technology.

The said program does not only cover students enrolled in schools in the city but also students outside the city and region who are residents of the City of Santiago.